In the past five years, corporate housing has been growing as a viable alternative to staying in a hotel room for business travelers and tourists alike. While some are skeptical of renting another’s private home or room, others understand that corporate housing is an excellent alternative to more traditional lodging methods, and has a number of benefits to offer those who choose it:

Cost (Corporate Housing vs an Extended Stay Hotel)

Corporate housing is primarily chosen by many for its low cost, with some rooms or homes costing a fraction of a hotel room, particularly for long-term stays. Many of these accommodations are sponsored by families just looking to earn some extra income, meaning that the cost is typically very reasonable. For those in need of long-term accommodations, corporate housing should be a top consideration, as there are nearly limitless options available in a number of cities, and a large majority of these options will cost significantly less than a hotel. Best Value Rents has a variety of corporate housing options listed in its database, making it an excellent resource for those looking to say on extended travel.

More Room, Better Environment (Corporate Housing vs an Extended Stay Hotel)

When one stays in corporate housing, they are not staying in a small, cramped, impersonal hotel room, but in a furnished, clean home that gives a local feel to the tenant. Why stay in a cookie-cutter hotel room, when there are less expensive options for furnished homes located on prime real estate? Travelers can find excellent deals on corporate housing accommodations in a number of excellent locations, such as historic districts, downtown, or on the beach. Because of this, visitors will find themselves feeling more at home and involved with the community, making the experience much more enjoyable for nearly everyone who tries it.

While some may feel uneasy about renting another person’s furnished home, corporate housing is an excellent and modern alternative to traditional hotel accommodations. At Best Value Rents, we can help you find the corporate housing accommodations that best suit your needs, helping you to save money and feel more at home while you are traveling. If you are looking to learn more about corporate housing and furnished apartments, contact Best Value Rents to learn more. At Best Value Rents, we are the leading experts in rentals, and our goal is to get each of our clients connected with a unit that works for them. Contact us today, and let Best Value Rents take the guesswork out of your travelling and renting needs.

Corporate Housing vs an Extended Stay Hotel by Best Value Rents.

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